Centralized administration improves the quality of employee data

From Simone Bösch on 30. April 2019

Many companies have recognized that good data quality is crucial for successful business processes. And yet for many companies this is a major challenge due to the rapid growth of the entire IT landscape. Poor data quality often occurs because companies work with different systems that do not have a common database. If, for example, data changes due to a change of name because of a marriage, the adjustments must be made manually in all systems. This leads to an increase in incorrect and different data, or even to changes being completely forgotten in some systems.

Centralized and reliable management of employee data

Thanks to the Identity and Access Management solution waave from Razoon AG, the company's data is stored in a common database. All employee data is managed in one centralized repository. If an existing personnel system exists, all employee data is managed there. waave then automatically updates all necessary systems. If no personnel system is available, waave's Universal Directory takes care of the central data administration. A central and secure directory for user data and its access rights helps to reduce unnecessary mistakes. In the validation process, waave checks the validity of the entered values. Thus, the necessary data is entered in the correct format and incorrect entries are avoided. This ensures high data quality.

Data cleansing pays off

Many companies shy away from the effort of data cleansing, but this pays off in an increasingly complex IT landscape. Various processes can thus be automated and qualitatively improved. With the introduction of waave, existing data is simply and easily cleaned up.

As a specialist for Identity and Access Management, Razoon AG knows how to implement successful data cleansing – we would be happy to help you!

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