CIAM – Customer Identity and Access Management:

  • Customers interact securely through online channels
  • Unique central management of customer identities
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty


Managing customer identities securely

With the Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution from Razoon AG, customers can access all the necessary digital resources of their company, such as the online shop or newsletter software, and benefit from central registration, secure authentication and single sign-on.

Thanks to the central administration, the customer has to adjust his e-mail address or home address in just one place. This data is automatically updated in all online services such as the newsletter or online shop. User authentication takes place via Microsoft Azure Active Directory, which provides a high level of security.

The customer satisfaction as well as the data quality in the enterprise can be increased thus strongly. The CIAM solution waave is flexibly scalable and can be adapted to the needs of companies.


Let your customers interact securely and reliably via your online channels.

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

With waave, companies can offer their customers easy access to their platforms and applications and guarantee a central customer profile. Customers benefit from an optimal user experience.

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Advantages of CIAM

Onboarding Circle
Customer satisfaction and loyalty

A simple, user-friendly CIAM solution leads to increased customer satisfaction and improves the customer relationship with the company.

Overall view of the customer

The linking of all information around the customer allows the company to better tailor its marketing activities to the customer.

Central management of customer identities

A unique central administration of customer identities, profile data and access rights prevents errors and increases data quality.

Lock Screen
Secure access for customers and partners

Secure access for customers and partners guarantees a uniform, secure and consistent customer experience in online business.

CIAM helps to work GDPR compliant

With the CIAM solution waave technical requirements of the data protection laws GDPR and FADP can be reliably supported.

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Customer Identity and Access Management connects companies and customers