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  • Analysis and Conception
  • Implementation
  • Testing and Operation
  • Qualified support


Together from A to Z

We offer broad consulting expertise combined with many years of experience in the implementation of complex IT projects. Thanks to careful analysis and conception, we implement IAM projects for our customers professionally and efficiently. The needs of our customers are always the focus of our attention. Our customers benefit from great flexibility. waave can be used as a comprehensive Identity and Access Management solution or only individual modules such as the Unique Identifier Modul can be used.


waave is implemented in individual project phases: This way you can quickly benefit from the advantages

Project phases

We recommend to introduce waave in individual phases. Thanks to this approach, the first processes can be automated after a short time and thus benefit from the advantages of waave.

Phase 1: Conception and implementation

Together with you, we develop the concept for the introduction of waave. Afterwards we install waave on the Azure Cloud and configure it according to the concept.

  • Conception and implementation
  • Installation
  • Configuration

Phase 2: Lifecycle Management

In this phase we implement the Identity Lifecycle Management processes such as the New Joiner, Changes and Leaver process. If your HR system is connected to waave Universal Directory, the employee data of the HR system is compared with the data of the Active Directory. Based on this comparison, you can update and clean the data at the push of a button at the same time.

  • Implementation of the Identity Lifecycle Management processes
  • Comparison of the employee data of the HR system and Active Directory
  • Data cleaning

Phase 3: Access Control

Together with you, we define the different roles for the assignment of authorizations in the individual target systems. We define the manual role assignment using the RBAC model and the automated assignment using the ABAC model. We then configure the roles accordingly in waave.

  • Definition of the roles for the assignment of access authorizations
  • Configuration of the roles in waave

Phase 4: Enhancement

Our customers provide us with valuable feedback for the further development of waave. Because waave is offered as a software as a service solution, you will benefit from continuous improvements and new features.

  • Continuous improvements of waave
  • You benefit from new functions

Testing and Operation

High quality is important to us. We implement every phase with care, including implementation and testing. Anyone who only discovers errors in the production environment must expect higher costs as a result. Our quality work helps to avoid image damage and possible consequential damage. Constant testing guarantees high quality. Since manual testing is very complex, time-consuming and expensive, we rely on new, automated methods. They accelerate the process and lead to higher quality. Your change requests can be tested quickly and reliably after implementation.

waave is operated on the Microsoft Azure platform. This guarantees high stability and availability. waave is also actively monitored by us so that we can react to any problems within the shortest possible time.

  • High quality standard
  • Comprehensive testing
  • High availability thanks to Microsoft Azure
  • Active monitoring by waave


In case of questions, uncertainties or problems, we offer qualified support that is optimally tailored to your needs. Our employees support you competently by telephone, e-mail, ticketing system or with direct remote access to your systems.

  • Competent contact persons for questions or problems
  • Support by phone, email or ticketing system

Do you have questions about the project phases?

Do you have any further questions about the individual phases, or would you like to know how waave can be used and implemented in your company? We would be happy to advise you in a personal meeting.

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