waave solutions – example:

  • Onboarding: Trouble-free entry of new employees
  • Data maintenance and update
  • Data protection and compliance


waave solutions – example

With waave, many important processes (e.g. entry and exit processes of employees) can be automated and data and access permissions can be managed centrally. This ensures that the data in all systems is always up-to-date. Comprehensive documentation can support compliance requirements in connection with data protection laws (FADP/ GDPR).

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Automate the management of accounts and access rights when employees join and leave the company

Onboarding: smooth entry of new employees

When a new employee joins, there are various tasks to be done. waave uses roles to automatically create the necessary accounts and their access rights (e.g. Active Directory, email etc.). For further tasks to be performed during the entry process, such as ordering the laptop or badge, waave can automatically create tickets in the ticketing system or send e-mails.

  • Quickly and successfully introduce new employees to the company
  • Employees become productive more quickly
  • Automated onboarding reduces susceptibility to errors

Data maintenance and update

All important user data and access permissions are stored by waave in a central database. If changes are made to this data, waave automatically forwards them to all connected systems. The one-time central changes ensure that all applications are always up to date – in real time.

  • Constantly updated data in all systems
  • Fewer erroneous entries thanks to central data base
  • Changes only need to be made in the main system

Offboarding: Professional employee departure

When an employee leaves the company, it is of great importance that all necessary work steps are carried out reliably, e.g. that all necessary accesses are deactivated and the work equipment is handed over. waave ensures that all necessary work steps of the offboarding process are carried out reliably.

  • Reliable deactivation of all access permissions
  • No unauthorized accesses
  • Increased safety

Data protection laws and their requirements

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) provide clear guidelines with regard to data protection. Companies are required to implement their operating procedures, which involve the processing of customer and employee data, in compliance with data protection regulations. With waave, identities, user accounts and access rights can be managed securely and efficiently. Comprehensive documentation can support compliance requirements in connection with data protection laws (GDPR/FADP).

  • Transparency and traceability
  • Increased security because of limited access
  • Correct rights for users
  • A central and secure directory