Advantages of waave:

  • Security and transparency
  • High data quality
  • Save time and reduce costs thanks to automation


Why you should use waave

With waave you gain a valuable competitive advantage: Thanks to waave, you manage the digital identities of your employees centrally and automatically. To help you get the most out of waave, it can be customized to meet your needs.

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Benefit from the advantages of automated user accounts and access rights management

Increased security

Thanks to various waave functions you increase security. For example, you can have accounts and access rights automatically deleted at a specific time. Access rights can also be managed centrally, automatically and in a targeted manner. In this way, only those employees who really need them are granted access rights. Furthermore, waave provides you with an overview of all privileged and unknown accounts. Unknown accounts are personal employee accounts that exist in the Active Directory, but not in the Universal Directory of waave or in the HR system.

  • Central, automated and targeted management of access rights to various target systems such as Active Directory, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and others.
  • Automated deactivation and deletion of accounts and access rights
  • Quick and easy overview of privileged accounts
  • Quick and easy overview of unknown accounts

High data quality

The digital identities of your employees are stored in the Universal Directory, the central directory of waave, and synchronized with the connected applications and systems. Thanks to the central administration, data only has to be entered at one location. In addition, you ensure that the data is identical in all connected systems. Furthermore, with the additional modules of waave you ensure that user names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are assigned uniformly and only once.

  • Central data storage
  • Synchronization of the target systems
  • Consistent assignment of e-mail addresses, user names and telephone numbers
  • Consistent data in all systems
  • Data only needs to be entered in one place

Time saving and less dependency

Thanks to the standardized and automated processes, you shorten processing times and reduce your dependence on IT specialists. This saves you valuable time and optimizes processes.

  • Optimized, standardized and automated processes
  • Reduction of dependence on IT specialists

Cost reduction

By optimizing and automating the management of your employees' digital identities, you reduce unnecessary costs. In addition, you can also save on licensing costs, for example, because all accounts and access rights are automatically deleted when an employee leaves the company, and the licenses are thus revoked.

  • Cost reduction through automation
  • No unnecessary licenses

Legal conditions and transparency

waave logs all executed processes and actions as well as all changes to your employees' data. This creates transparency and traceability: it is always clear who changed which data and when. In this way, waave supports you in complying with the compliance requirements of data protection laws and regulations.

  • Comprehensive documentation of all processes and data changes
  • Support for compliance with data protection laws and regulations
  • Logging of processes and actions
  • It is always clear who changed which data and when

Software as a Service

We offer waave as a software as a service solution from the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This means that waave is implemented and ready to use in your IT environment in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about anything: You don't need any additional servers and benefit from regular software updates. In this way, waave is always up to date.

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Quickly implemented and ready to use
  • No additional infrastructure such as servers required
  • Thanks to regular software updates, waave is always up to date

Would you like to benefit from these advantages?

We will be happy to advise you on how you can benefit from these advantages and simplify the management of employee identities and access rights at your company.

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