Centralized administration:

  • Central and easy to understand
  • Traceability of changes
  • Individual forms and input fields


Centralized administration

The Universal Directory is the central administration of waave. It is a directory of all digital employee identities and access rights. The data listed in the Universal Directory is synchronized with various target systems such as Active Directory and Microsoft 365.

Data Folder
Data Folder

Manage your employee accounts and access rights automatically and centrally with our Identity and Access Management solution waave

Centralized administration and overview

The Universal Directory serves as the central directory and is the hub of waave: Here you will find all identities and roles that are stored in waave.Furthermore, you can create new identities and edit existing ones as well as manage the different roles for access rights.

  • Overview of all identities and roles
  • Management of identities

Connection to your HR system

waave acts as a linking system between your HR system and the target systems used in your company such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams or Active Directory. When a new employee is entered into the HR system, waave then automatically synchronizes the necessary data with the target systems and creates the accounts and access rights. To do this, waave only obtains the data from the HR system that it really needs to create the accounts and access rights.

Traceability thanks to change history

You can also view the details of an identity and the history of its changes. This history shows you who changed which data of an identity and when, and who had access to which systems at what time. In this way you increase data protection within your company.

  • Access to details of an identity
  • History of data changes

Connection to target systems

By creating a new identity in the Universal Directory, waave synchronizes it with the target systems. Connections for Microsoft 365, Active Directory, Microsoft Teams and various others are already available as standard. If you need additional connections, we will be happy to develop them for you.

  • Standard connection to target systems such as Active Directory or Microsoft 365
  • We are happy to develop further connections

Individual forms and input fields

We adapt the user interface to manage the identities according to your needs: You decide which input fields the user interface should have or how this data should be displayed in the corresponding target systems.

  • Forms and input fields that meet your requirements