Connection of target systems:

  • Simplified administration of different target systems
  • Reduction of administrative effort
  • High security and data quality


Connection of target systems

Target systems can easily be connected to our Identity and Access Management solution waave via an interface. Thus, these systems can be managed from a central location. The creation, updating or deletion of accounts and data is done automatically in the corresponding target systems.

Technical Details
Technical Details

waave can be connected to various target systems such as Microsoft 365 or Active Directory

Active Directory / Microsoft 365 / Microsoft Teams / Exchange / Skype for Business

Active Directory, Microsoft 365, Exchange, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business can be connected to our IAM solution waave via interfaces. Thus these systems can be administered at a central place. Changes such as creating, updating or deleting accounts and data are automatically synchronized. The administrative effort is thus reduced to a minimum. Valuable time and costs can be saved and data quality can be improved.

  • Extensive operations on various target systems such as Active Directory, Microsoft 365, Exchange or Microsoft Teams etc.
  • Improvement of data quality


Modern applications frequently offer a REST API interface. Using the REST API Connector from waave, such API interfaces can be integrated into the processes of waave. A configuration-based mapping of the attributes can be used to control in detail which data is transferred to this interface.

  • High number of connectors for linking to external services like Facebook, Dropbox or Salesforce etc.
  • Easy integration into waave processes


PowerShell scripts can be run on any Windows server using waave's PowerShell Connector. The internal IT department can develop PowerShell scripts that can be started by waave. Required arguments for the PowerShell script are captured via the waave Web interface or a defined process and passed to the script by waave.

  • Flexible integration of customer-specific requirements
  • Development of PowerShell Scripts by internal IT department possible

Microsoft Flow / Logic App

Using Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic Apps, workflows can be created without programming knowledge. By defining a workflow, instructions are given as to what should happen when a particular issue occurs. For example, notifications can be sent automatically, data can be synchronized or stored in other systems, or an approval process can be automated. In particular, repetitive routine tasks and everyday administrative tasks can be automated.

Such workflows can be called by waave during a process. For example, a workflow can be created which creates an entry in the Outlook calendar for the line manager of a new employee. waave can then start this workflow automatically as soon as the entry date of the new employee is known.

  • High number of connectors for linking to external services like Facebook, Dropbox or Salesforce etc.
  • Easy integration into waave processes