CIAM – Customer Identity and Access Management:

  • Company's own online portal
  • One login for all applications
  • Correct and up-to-date access rights
  • Independent administration of employee data


CIAM – solutions - example DENZOON

Denzoon provides its customers with a uniform portal for their online services. Customers can access online services such as the online shop or the newsletter tool via a central website and a single sign-on.

The customer's employees also have the option of independently adapting certain information, such as their telephone number.

waave also supports the possibility for customers to manage their employees' accounts independently. For example, an administrator can be defined for each customer to independently manage the accounts and access rights of their own employees.

This online portal appears in the corporate design of Denzoon.


CIAM solution for customers with according their corporate design

The CIAM solution waave was adapted to the needs of Denzoon AG. All necessary online applications and accesses are available at a central location. The CIAM solution was designed according to the corporate design of Denzoon AG and is also optimally displayed on devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

  • Keeping the corporate design
  • All online applications centrally
  • Optimized for mobile phones and tablets

Access to online services

The customer's employees receive a start page with which they can access their online services such as the online shop. Depending on which authorizations have been assigned to the relevant employees, they can see the services for which they have been authorized in this portal.

  • Clear page with all services
  • Individual assignment of authorizations

One login for all online applications

The customer only needs one login for all online applications. The customer's profile data is stored at a central location and only needs to be changed once, e.g. in case of a change of address. The customer has an overview of all his data, apps and accesses.

The prerequisite for the single sign-on login is that the corresponding application (e.g. the online shop) supports authentication via Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

  • One-time login
  • All data is stored in a central location
  • Address or name adjustments are made only once

Independent user administration for corporate customers

Denzoon AG spends a lot of time managing its customers and their employees. With the new online platform, Denzoon AG transfers responsibility for user administration to the customer. The customer can grant the necessary authorizations to his employees and manages the users independently.

  • Customer has great advantages due to independent administration of employee data and authorizations
  • Increased customer service and customer loyalty