waave Identity & Access Management

With waave, thev cloud-based central Identity and Access Management solution, you organize user accounts and access rights of different systems and applications in your IT infrastructure.

In SMEs as well as in large companies, a lot of time is spent on the manual assignment of user and access rights. When a new employee joins the company, the IT department has to provide all accounts, such as an Active Directory or email account, or deactivate them when they leave the company.

With our Identity and Access Management solution waave such workflows can be automated and considerably simplified and accelerated by a central administration interface.

waave enables the right people to access the right resources at the right time.

waave solutions - example

Increasingly complex IT infrastructures, constant personnel changes and high security standards demand today's IT departments. Our Identity and Access Management solution waave is an important component to meet these requirements. By automating standardized processes, security, quality, transparency and efficiency can be guaranteed. waave provides the right resources to the right people at the right time - and all this is automated.

Here are some examples of processes that can be simplified with waave:

Onboarding: Smooth entry of new employees

With waave you can automate time-consuming and repetitive processes. For example, all necessary accounts such as Active Directory, Email, CRM, ERP etc. are created when an employee joins the company and their access rights are assigned.

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Data maintenance and updating

Changes to data or access rights are automatically updated in the target systems. Thus the employee data in all systems is always up-to-date.

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Offboarding: Professional employee exit management

When an employee leaves the company, their accounts and authorizations are deleted in all systems. This prevents unauthorized access after an employee has left the company.

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New data protection laws GDPR and FADP

waave supports compliance with data protection law requirements (GDPR / FADP).

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Manage customer identities securely

With waave, companies can offer their customers easy access to their online platforms and applications and guarantee a central customer profile, which increases customer satisfaction.

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waave - Identity & Access Management Solution

waave is a Swiss Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution, which automates important processes in the company such as the employee entry or exit process. Employee data and their access rights are managed centrally and kept up-to-date in all systems used. Automation simplifies processes and increases data quality and security in the company. waave can be expanded at any time with optional additional modules and tailored to individual needs.

waave additional modules

The Identity and Access Management solution waave offers a comprehensive package of helpful add-on modules. These can be used as a whole or individually:

Management of email addresses

waave creates and manages email addresses automatically based on predefined rules.


Management of telephone numbers

waave assigns telephone numbers automatically. This is done by using predefined number ranges and rules.


Administration of user names

This module assigns unique user names. This avoids duplicate assignments and the resulting errors.



With this module, approval processes can be implemented. An approval process could look like this: An employee applies for additional rights. The employee's supervisor is informed about this and can decide whether to approve or reject it.


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Advantages of waave Identity and Access Management

High data quality

Avoid errors and increase data quality through one-time central management of employee data and access rights.


A detailed logging provides transparency and traceability, so it can be traced at any time who changed what and when.

Increased safety

Automated assignment of rights or correct deletion of rights that are no longer required improves security and prevents unwanted access.

Time saving

Standardization and automation of processes shorten throughput times and reduce dependence on IT specialists.

Cost reduction

Optimizations in the management of employee data and user rights help to reduce unnecessary costs.

Fast implementation

waave is offered as a cloud solution and is implemented and functional within a very short time.

Legal conditions

Comprehensive documentation can support compliance requirements in connection with data protection laws (FADP/ GDPR).

waave automates and simplifies important
and time-consuming processes.