waave – Identity & Access Management Solution

With waave, the central Identity Management solution, you can organize user accounts and access authorizations of various systems and applications in your IT infrastructure. Simple and automated!

waave automates and simplifies important and time-consuming business processes

waave automates important business processes

With waave you can automate time-consuming repetitive business processes. For example, when an employee joins, all necessary accounts and their access rights are created or the orders for badge and laptop are triggered.

Here are some examples of business processes that can be simplified with waave:

Identity and Access Management Solution waave

IAM with waave

Onboarding: Smooth entry of new employees

Employee entry process with waave

Offboarding: Professional employee exit management

Employee exit process with waave

New data protection laws EU-DSGVO and DSG

Meet the requirements with waave

waave gives the right people access to the right resources at the right time.

waave - IAM solution

Ever more complex IT infrastructures, constant personnel changes as well as high security standards put high demans on IT departments. The Identity and Access Management solution waave of Razoon AG is an important part to meet these requirements. By automating standardized processes, security, quality, transparency and efficiency can be guaranteed. waave provides the right people with the right resources at the right time - completely automated.

waave simply explained

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Additional value provided by waave...

High data quality

Avoid mistakes and increase data quality through one-time central administration of employee data and access rights.


Extensive logging offers transparency and traceability so that it can be understood at any time who changed what and when.

Legal conditions

Extensive documentation enables the compliance requirements in connection with data protection laws (DSG / DSGVO) to be met.

Increased security

Automated assignment of rights or the deletion of rights that are no longer required improves security and reduces unwanted access.

Time savings

Standardization and automation of processes reduces lead times and reduces dependency on IT professionals.

Fast implementation

The flexibility allows waave to easily connect to existing source systems and be implemented and functional in no time at all.