waave Auditing:

  • Versioning of changed personal data
  • Transparency thanks to logging
  • Compliance with compliance requirements


waave Auditing

With waave you keep the overview: All manual and automatic changes are documented and can be evaluated. In this way, you can always see who changed what and when. Comprehensive documentation and traceability ensure legally compliant operation.


Manage your employee accounts and access rights in a privacy-compliant manner

History of changes to personal data

Every change to personal data is versioned. This means that at any time it can be traced who changed what in the personal data and when. In waave's Web User Interface, these changes are clearly displayed in a timeline.

  • Changes to personal data are versioned
  • Clear web user interface for viewing changes

Logging of all operations

waave logs all manual and automatic changes and activities extensively and in detail. This log data guarantees transparency and enables the traceability of all operations carried out by waave. In this way, waave supports you in achieving high security standards.

  • Activities are logged in detail
  • Absolute control over all changes

Legally compliant operation

Internal and external regulations require permanent control over authorizations. waave guarantees that the necessary information is retrieved as required. Comprehensive documentation can support compliance requirements in connection with data protection laws (FADP / GDPR).

  • waave helps you to meet the requirements of the data protection laws
  • Transparent and traceable