waave Identity and Access Management:

  • Automated management of employee data
  • Central and secure directory
  • Correct and current access rights
  • High security and data quality

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waave enables the centralized and automated management of your employee accounts and access rights. All data is managed in the central directory. The clear web interface ensures simple operability. All changes are logged in detail and can be evaluated as required. Your workflows can be automated and simplified with waave.

Data Folder
Data Folder

Centralized and automated management of employee accounts and access rights

Centralized Administration

The waave Universal Directory provides a central and secure directory for users and roles. The corresponding information can be easily managed in the Universal Directory thanks to a web-based user interface. This data is synchronized with the desired target systems such as Microsoft 365, Active Directory, CRM, etc.. Thanks to the unique central administration of all data and authorizations, the data quality of your company increases and incorrect entries are avoided.

  • A central platform for all authorization management tasks
  • Employees get the right access permissions to the right IT resources at the right time
  • Changes are possible without any problems and without special knowledge
  • Your IT department is relieved of the workload

Access permissions

waave grants users fast and secure access and authorizations to applications and systems. If employees leave, all rights are automatically removed. Authorizations are assigned based on roles. waave supports the dynamic assignment of roles based on attributes such as department, function or location. A manual assignment of roles is also possible. Thanks to waave, you can always see which person has which rights at which time.

  • Automated and central authorization management
  • Detailed access control thanks to ABAC (Attribute Based Access Control) and RBAC (Roled Based Access Control) models
  • Detailed logging provides transparency and traceability

Connection to existing source systems (e.g. personnel system)

waave can be connected to existing source systems such as your existing personnel system. The existing information is automatically transferred. If data is entered, changed or deleted, it is automatically updated in all systems. All these processes are time-controlled and recorded in detail.

  • Personnel system is the leading system
  • High flexibility when defining the data transfer
  • Reduction of administrative effort to a minimum
  • Saving valuable time and costs

Target systems

Active Directory, Microsoft 365, Exchange or Microsoft Teams can be connected to our IAM solution waave via interfaces. Thus these systems can be administered at a central place. Changes such as creating, updating or deleting accounts and data are automatically synchronized. The administrative effort is thus reduced to a minimum. Valuable time and costs can be saved and data quality can be improved.

  • Extensive operations on various target systems such as Active Directory, Microsoft 365, Exchange or Microsoft Teams etc.
  • Improvement of data quality

Web User Interface

You manage your data using the Web user interface. We adapt it to your needs: You decide which input fields the user interface should have and how this data should be displayed in the corresponding target systems.

  • Need-based Web User Interface
  • Flexible and easy to operate

Full-text search

With the search function, the entire waave Universal Directory can be searched quickly and comprehensively. The desired information is thus quickly available.

  • Efficient and comprehensive search function
  • Fast availability of information


waave checks the validity of the entered values. This ensures that the necessary data is entered in the correct format and that incorrect entries are avoided. This ensures high data quality. Telephone numbers, for example, are always entered correctly with area codes and in the same format.

  • Uniform data input due to predefined formats
  • High data quality

Cloud / OnPremise

waave ist optimiert auf den Betrieb in Microsoft Azure. Die Applikation kann somit innert kürzester Zeit in Betrieb genommen werden. Durch die Verwendung von diversen Platform as a Service (Paas) Komponenten sind keine Server notwendig, ein Unterhalt der Komponenten entfällt ebenso. waave basiert auf einer topmodernen Microservice/Service Orientierten Architektur. Die Services sind als RESTful Web Services implementiert.

  • waave basiert auf Cloud-Technologie und kann deshalb äusserst schnell und effizient in Betrieb genommen werden
  • Tiefe Unterhaltskosten dank Platform as a Service (PaaS) Komponenten
  • Einfache Integration dank RESTful Web Services