waave Unique Identifier Module:

  • Automated assignment of initials like user names
  • Central administration
  • Process optimization

Unique Identifier
Unique Identifier

User name management with waave

With the Unique Identifier Module from waave, unique user names can be assigned. These can also be blocked to avoid double assignments and the resulting errors. Since the user names are usually used to log into a system, this increases data quality and security.


Unique Identifier Module at a glance

Some call it a login or logon name. The most commonly used term is probably the username. All employees have a unique username, which is required for various purposes. For example, to log on to a laptop or a system.

Using the Unique Identifier module, waave automatically suggests unique usernames based on predefined rules. Thanks to the ability to override suggestions, you still retain control. The verification and centralized management by waave prevents double assignments. If usernames are no longer required, they are automatically blocked and can no longer be assigned. This is the case, for example, when an employee leaves the company.

  • Assigns unique user names
  • User names can be overridden
  • User names can be blocked when employees leave
  • User names can be locked

Thanks to waave, you can manage your user names centrally and automatically

Benefits of the automated and centralized username management

Without Unique Identifier Module
  • Manual and decentralised allocation
  • Lack of verification
  • Risk of double assignment
  • User name does not meet the requirements
  • User names are not standardized
  • Time consuming
  • Large error potential
With Unique Identifier Module
  • Automated and centralised allocation
  • Checking existing user names
  • User names correspond to the specifications
  • Fast and simple
  • Reduction of the error potential to the minimum
  • No double awards
  • Uniform allocation


Our services

Our customers use the Unique Identifier module primarily for the administration of usernames. But the possibilities are wide: you can not only manage usernames, but also any kind of identifiers such as for buildings or servers.

  • Transfer of existing usernames
  • Configuration of usernames
  • Integration into the IAM process and target systems
  • Technical and user documentation

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