waave Shared Mailbox Module

  • Centralized and easy management of shared mailboxes
  • Overview of all shared mailboxes
  • No unnecessary licensing costs


Administration of shared mailbox with waave

Used correctly and managed properly, shared mailboxes can be a great support in everyday work. However, the correct administration poses various challenges. With waave's Shared Mailbox Module, you ensure that your employees can profit from the benefits and that your company easily masters the challenges. With waave's Shared Mailbox Module, you centralize and simplify the management of shared mailboxes in your company. This includes not only the creation, editing and deletion of these shared mailboxes, but also the management of access rights.

Shared Mailbox Circle
Shared Mailbox Circle

Shared Mailbox Module at a glance

In addition to the personal mailbox, employees also use various shared mailboxes. This may be the team mailbox, which is used daily, or a project mailbox. The latter, in particular, is created, used for a certain period of time, and then forgotten when it is no longer needed by anyone.

With waave's Shared Mailbox Module, you can avoid such mailboxes that are no longer needed and forgotten. It offers you a central and simple administration of shared mailboxes: New mailboxes can be entered centrally and easily in waave. Thanks to the simple overview of all shared mailboxes, no mailbox will be forgotten, and mailboxes that are no longer needed can be deleted quickly and easily. You can also assign the correct access rights quickly and easily via waave.

  • Centralized and simplified shared mailbox management
  • Overview of all existing shared mailboxes
  • Easy management of rights: Full access, Send-as and Send-on-Behalf
  • No more forgotten shared mailboxes
  • No more unnecessary license costs for unused shared mailboxes

Advantages of centralized and easy shared mailbox management

Without Shared Mailbox Module
  • Decentralized management
  • No overview
  • No validation during creation
  • Forgotten shared mailboxes
  • Unnecessary licensing costs
  • Attribute values do not comply with the guidelines
  • Access to target systems (MS Exchange) required
  • Time-consuming
  • High potential for error
With Shared Mailbox Module
  • Central management
  • Overview of all shared mailboxes
  • Verification for new entries, no duplicate assignments
  • Better data quality thanks to attribute validation during creation or update
  • No more forgotten shared mailboxes
  • Management of shared mailboxes without access to target systems (MS Exchange)
  • Quick and efficient
  • Correct access rights


Our services

Would you also like to benefit from the advantages of shared mailboxes in the future and no longer struggle with the challenges of decentralized shared mailbox management? We know these challenges and support companies in mastering them successfully.

  • Transfer of the existing shared mailboxes into waave
  • Shared mailbox management
  • Integration into the IAM process and into the target systems
  • Technical and user documentation

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