waave Phone Number Module:

  • Automated and centralized allocation of telephone numbers
  • Uniform allocation by location, department, etc.
  • No double allocation


Administration of telephone numbers with waave

The administration of telephone numbers is a challenge for many companies. Often these are kept in excel lists, which leads to double allocation and incorrect numbers or adjustments are not correctly tracked. Thanks to waave, telephone numbers are assigned and managed automatically and without errors. This is done using defined number blocks and rules.

Phone management
Phone management

Phone Number Module at a glance

A company is usually assigned a number range by the telephone company, i.e. for example the telephone numbers with the endings 8000 to 8999. waave assigns the telephone numbers automatically within this range. Ranges and dependencies (department, location etc.) can be defined in advance. For example, IT employees in London are assigned a number within the number range 8000-8299, so that telephone numbers and area codes are managed efficiently and correctly within the given number ranges.

Thanks to the possibility of overriding suggestions, you still retain control: waave then checks whether the number exists within the predefined number range and is still available. Telephone numbers can also be reserved so that they are available for hotline, support or reception, for example. waave enables automatic management of telephone numbers in Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, so employees can use the telephone number in teams or Skype for Business.

  • Assigns unique telephone numbers
  • Flexible allocation of telephone numbers
  • Telephone numbers can be overridden
  • Telephone numbers can be blocked

Manage phone numbers in your company centrally, easily and automatically

Advantages of automated telephone number management

Without Phone Number Module
  • Manual and decentralised allocation
  • Lack of verification
  • Risk of double allocation
  • Telephone number does not meet the requirements
  • Time consuming
  • Large error potential
With Phone Number Module
  • Automated and centralised allocation
  • Review of existing telephone numbers
  • Telephone number complies with the specifications
  • Uniform allocation according to location, department etc.
  • No double allocation
  • Fast and efficient


Our services

Do you use services other than Teams or Skype for Business? We would be happy to check for you whether waave can automatically manage the telephone numbers in your telephone system.

  • Configuration of the telephone numbers
  • Definition of user attributes (location, department etc.)
  • Integration into the IAM process and target systems
  • Technical and user documentation

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