Lifecycle Management

waave automatically detects changes to user data and carries out corresponding actions in the target systems. Thus, for example, changing the surname in the HR system causes the surname of the corresponding person to be changed in all target systems. When you change an employee's role, all permissions in the target systems are also updated.

Increased efficiency, security and data quality thanks to automated user management

Lifecycle Management Services

Automated user management increases data quality and security while reducing costs. Changes to data or access rights are automatically adjusted and updated in the Target System.

Access authorization

waave provides methods and solutions for the efficient management and control of access permissions. waave authorizes users to use the services while preventing unauthorized access. The administration of employee access can be considerably simplified with roles.

Email adresses

Email addresses are generated based on business rules. If an email address is changed, the user will be assigned the original and the new email address for a predefined time. Thus, the user can inform his contacts about the change of the address. After this time, the original address will be removed automatically. Further, this service ensures that a newly hired employee does not receive the same e-mail address as an employee that had recently left the company.

Non-personal objects

Non-personal items such as Active Directory groups, shared mailboxes or distribution lists must be maintained as well as personal items. Without maintenance, the overview is lost within a short time (who is responsible for a mailbox, who has rights, etc.). Currently, a service is being developed with which the maintenance processes of non-personal objects can be optimally implemented.