With waave you keep the absolute control. All manual and automatically executed changes are documented and can be evaluated. The processes can be monitored and logged in detail so that it is possible to track who changed what and when.

waave assists you in complying with data protection laws (DSGVO and DSG).


Detailed logs and statistics ensure stress-free audits, as all the necessary information in waave can be provided at the push of a button. Extensive documentation and traceability ensure legally compliant operation.

Legally compliant operation

Internal and external regulations require permanent control over permissions. waave guarantees a demand-based retrieval of necessary information and thus makes an important contribution to the compliance with the guidelines of data protection laws.

Audit trail

waave logs all automated and manual operations. This makes it possible at any time to understand which actions were triggered by which employee. At the push of a button you can see at what time an account was created, edited, assigned rights and deleted again.


waave logs extensively and in detail all processes that are processed by the various components. This allows information about project progress as well as updated objects to be queried. The web interface can be used to access the various log informations.