waave reference projects:

  • Management of Active Directory accounts, Office 365 mailboxes and Skype for Business Accounts
  • Control of application authorizations
  • BlackBerry / Good Migration
  • Mailbox Journaling

Our projects

Our software has been providing valuable services for over 15 years in a wide range of applications. Due to the variety of our realized projects we can offer a broad Know-How. Whether smaller or larger concerns: We have the competence to implement projects of various sizes and duration in a target-oriented and timely manner.

waave for service enterprises

For an internationally active service company from Switzerland, waave was introduced within a few months. Active Directory Accounts, Office 365 Mailboxes and Skype for Business Accounts are managed on the basis of personnel system data. A connection to ServiceNow enables information to be provided to the relevant departments or persons.

  • Swiss service company
  • More than 700 employees
  • Management of Active Directory Accounts, Office 365 Mailboxes and Skype for Business Accounts

waave for a transport company

An international transport company relies on waave for the administration of its Active Directory accounts. The Active Directory accounts are automatically updated by waave based on personnel system data. ServiceNow tickets are used to inform the relevant department about open tasks.

  • Internationally active transport company
  • More than 300 employees
  • Management of Active Directory accounts

waave to control application permissions

waave is used to control specific application authorizations for a large international corporation. In order to cover the specific requirements of the company, waave was extended by several individual modules (Microservices). Thanks to waave's flexible architecture, these extensions have been integrated into the overall solution without much effort.

  • Internationally active large corporation
  • More than 40‘000 employees
  • Control of specific application authorizations

waave for infrastructure company

Currently, waave is being implemented for a company active in logistics and infrastructure. In a first phase, the accounts for Active Directory will be created using waave. In a next phase the maintenance of these accounts is planned.

  • Logistics and Infrastructure company
  • More than 300 employees
  • Management of Active Directory accounts

waave for companies in the IT sector

For an IT company, waave was implemented to manage Active Directory and Skype for Business accounts. In the next phase the management of team accounts is planned.

  • IT company
  • More than 70 employees
  • Management of Active Directory, Skype for Business Accounts

Exchange Mailbox Management

We implemented the management of Microsoft Exchange mailboxes for a large global company. The mailboxes are created, updated and deactivated worldwide via this software according to various business rules. This solution has been in use for more than 15 years and has been continuously further developed.

  • Globally active large company
  • More than 40'000 employees
  • Management of Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes

BlackBerry and Good migration software

We developed software for a large company to significantly simplify the migration and consolidation of BlackBerry and Good Accounts on servers in different environments and countries. During the migration, the current utilization of the server systems was taken into account so that the accounts are distributed evenly across the servers (load balancing).

  • Globally active large company
  • More than 40'000 employees
  • Migration and Consolidation of BlackBerry and Good Accounts

Mailbox Journaling

We implemented an application for a global company that supports the journaling of mailboxes. Based on business rules and load balancing, the application ensures that journaling can be performed correctly.

  • Globally active large company
  • More than 40'000 employees
  • Journaling of mailboxes

Further projects

For various companies we have developed further applications in different areas such as Active Directory, Exchange or Lotus Notes, to name just a few. We are happy to provide you with individual information.