Centralized Administration

With help of Universal Directory, waave enables all user data and authorizations to be administered centrally. In the clear web interface of waave these users and access rights are easy to manage.

Universal Directory -
A central and secure directory for managing user accounts and access permissions

Universal Directory

The universal Directory of waave provides a central and secure directory for users, groups and forums. The information can easily be managed in the Universal Directory thanks to a web-based user interface. These objects are synchronized with the desired applications and directories.

Central Directory

The Universal Directory serves as a central directory. All objects such as User data and access permissions are managed here.

Specific attributes

Business-specific requirements can be met by creating custom attributes in the Universal Directory.


The objects managed in the Universal Directory are synchronized in all desired end systems and directories.

The central platform for all authorization management tasks.

Advantages Universal Directory

Independent of IT

Automated processes and a simple user interface make it easy to make changes without expertise. The IT department is thus relieved.

Efficient administration

Efficiency increases as objects are updated very quickly in all necessary target systems. Employees get the right permissions at the right time for the right IT resources.

Increased data quality

The one-time central administration of all data and authorizations increases data quality and incorrect entries are avoided.