waave Technology:

  • Cloud solution, quickly and efficiently installed
  • Modern architecture based on Microservices
  • Large interface compatibility


waave is based on a top modern microservice/ service-oriented architecture. The complexity of the software is distributed over different services. This makes it easier to develop, extend and maintain the software. Different interfaces (e.g. REST API, PowerShell etc.) allow an easy exchange of data with other systems. waave can be put into operation very quickly and efficiently.


waave is based on a top modern Microservice / Service Oriented Architecture. In contrast to a monolith, in which the software is implemented as a "whole", Microservices distribute the functionality of the application to different services, making complexity more manageable. Microservices are very easy to develop, maintain and test.

  • Microservices help you manage complexity better
  • Microservices can be developed independently of each other
  • Very robust overall system


All waave components are implemented as RESTful Web Services. Thus, external applications can access information from waave or trigger actions or processes within waave. waave can thus be optimally integrated into the existing process landscape.

  • Easy integration using the waave REST API

Azure Cloud

waave is optimized for operation in Microsoft Azure. The application can therefore be put into operation within a very short time. The use of various Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) components means that no servers are required and there is no need to maintain the components.

  • Extremely fast and efficient installation
  • Low maintenance costs as no application or database server is required
  • Easy integration