How to manage usernames easy and centrally

By Corina Köchli on 05.03.2020

Every day, employees use their username to log on to the computer. These usernames must be unique and consistent. If this is not the case, this can result in various difficulties. With our solution waave you can manage usernames easily and centrally.

Usernames are not only required for private purposes, such as registering for an app – they are also needed in the office. For example, to log on to a laptop or a system. How such a username can look like is very different: From mail addresses up to cryptic number combinations, everything is possible. But we recommend usernames that your employees can easily remember. Using Mr. John Smith as an example, this would be SMJO and not X1812.

Despite the many possibilities, duplicate or inconsistent assignment of usernames must not be possible. Especially if usernames are not managed centrally, this leads to difficulties sooner or later. It is especially the case when different departments, independent of each other, define usernames. This is usually done with an Excel list. However, since these lists are managed by different people, they are neither up-to-date nor accessible to everyone. As a consequence, usernames are assigned which are already occupied. This causes problems in the background, because the user names must be unique in the system.

You can easily avoid such problems.

How to easily manage user names

With our Unique Identifier module from waave, usernames can be managed easily, automated and centralized. You define how the usernames should be composed. If you need a new username for one of your employees, waave suggests an available username. You retain control: You can reject the suggestion and choose one yourself – waave will also check this suggestion for availability.

Thanks to waave you can not only create usernames, but also block them. This is especially important when an employee leaves the company. In this case, the username is blocked and cannot be assigned to any other employee – thus avoiding confusion and misunderstandings.

Since a company needs unique identifiers for much more than just the usernames, this module can be used for any type of identifier. For example, you can manage building or server identifications automatically.

Do you also wish a better administration of your user names? Contact us – we will be happy to help you.

PS: We would also be happy to show you what else the module can be used for.

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First Microsoft Cloud data centers in Switzerland

By Simone Bösch on 25.09.2019

At the end of August 2019, Microsoft opened the first two data centers in Switzerland: Switzerland North in the Region of Zurich and Switzerland West in the Region of Geneva. As a first step, Azure Services will be available, Office 365 applications will follow during the first three to six months after the go live.

We are looking forward to being able to offer waave from Switzerland in the near future, if required.

Further information can be found here:

Centralized administration improves the quality of employee data

By Simone Bösch on 30.04.2019

Many companies have recognized that good data quality is crucial for successful business processes. And yet for many companies this is a major challenge due to the rapid growth of the entire IT landscape. Poor data quality often occurs because companies work with different systems that do not have a common database. If, for example, data changes due to a change of name because of a marriage, the adjustments must be made manually in all systems. This leads to an increase in incorrect and different data, or even to changes being completely forgotten in some systems.

Centralized and reliable management of employee data

Thanks to the Identity and Access Management solution waave from Razoon AG, the company's data is stored in a common database. All employee data is managed in one centralized repository. If an existing personnel system exists, all employee data is managed there. waave then automatically updates all necessary systems. If no personnel system is available, waave's Universal Directory takes care of the central data administration. A central and secure directory for user data and its access rights helps to reduce unnecessary mistakes. In the validation process, waave checks the validity of the entered values. Thus, the necessary data is entered in the correct format and incorrect entries are avoided. This ensures high data quality.

Data cleansing pays off

Many companies shy away from the effort of data cleansing, but this pays off in an increasingly complex IT landscape. Various processes can thus be automated and qualitatively improved. With the introduction of waave, existing data is simply and easily cleaned up.

As a specialist for Identity and Access Management, Razoon AG knows how to implement successful data cleansing – we would be happy to help you!

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Mastering complexity with Microservices

By Lukas Engel on 05.02.2019

In 2012, we were allowed to develop a new software for a major international company. The goal of this software was to automate management functions in the area of Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange. We had already informed ourselves about service-oriented architectures in the previous months. Based on the knowledge gained, we decided not to develop the desired software as a whole, but to distribute it across various web services.

Meanwhile, the term Microservices, which pretty much covers what we had implemented with our WCF Services, had spread.

We are convinced of Microservices and therefore decided to develop our Identity and Access Management solution based on this technology.

Read more about our experiences and how we proceeded with the development.

New employee? We automate your onboarding process

By Simone Bösch on 20.11.2018

For many companies, taking on a new employee is a challenge: all the necessary resources such as workplace, computer, badge, etc. must be available on time. In addition, the corresponding authorizations and accesses must be set up correctly so that the employee can work productively immediately. The new employee is often busy getting all the necessary resources and access through his or her supervisor, the IT manager or the HR department.

With our Identity and Access Management solution waave you achieve a smooth onboarding process. Thanks to the automation of important processes, many tasks of the onboarding to do list are reliably completed. Thus all accounts and access rights to the necessary systems are active on the first working day and resources such as computers, badges, etc. are ready for the new employee - he can immediately work productively.

Further information about the onboarding process

Welcome to the Razoon team

By Lukas Engel on 06.11.2018

Our team continues to grow - we are happy that Razoon AG will now be supported by the know-how and experience of Corina Köchli and Roger Merz. Corina Köchli is responsible for expanding and strengthening our social media presence. Roger Merz attends the apprenticeship as a computer scientist application development at the ZLI Zürcher Lehrbetriebsverband ICT. As part of his apprenticeship, he completes his internship at Razoon AG and supports our development team.

The Razoon team welcomes Corina Köchli and Roger Merz!

Automate with waave and Microsoft Flow

By Lukas Engel on 29.06.2018

In our clarifications on how we can extend the interfaces of waave, we came across Microsoft Logic Apps. Maybe you're aware of Microsoft Flow, which is based on Logic App, see also Compare Flow, Logic Apps, Functions, and Web Jobs.

Immediately we realized that this represents a huge expansion for processes and the connection of target systems. With Flow, a workflow can be "clicked together" without the need for special software development skills. A connection to target systems can be implemented very easily. The number of integration possibilities is huge, see Connectors.

Within a very short time, we developed a waave Connector for Flow and Logic Apps. waave can now start a Flow or Logic Apps while processing a process so that the corresponding actions are executed.

Here are some examples of how to use Flow in an onboarding or offboarding process:

  • Make an Office 365 or Google calendar entry for the supervisor
  • Include the new employee in the MailChimp newsletter distribution list
  • Inform employees about the new entry with Slack or Microsoft Teams
  • Create a file with data of the employee on SharePoint
  • Create a file on a FTP server
  • Make an entry in Dynamics 365
  • Create a ticket in ServiceNow for IT Operations
  • Enter a data record in a SQL Server

For more information about Microsoft Flow, see

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New privacy laws: Are you ready?

By Simone Bösch on 13.03.2018

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become mandatory throughout the European Union from 25 May 2018. The Swiss Data Protection Act (DSG) is currently under revision and is expected to come into effect in 2018 as well.

Facts about the new laws

  • Objective: Clear and rigorous rules for the protection of personal data
  • Subject: All companies that manage personal data of EU or Swiss citizens
  • Violation: High fines

Are you sure that in your business...

  • Personal data is adequately protected against misuse?
  • Access controls and permission management work flawlessly?
  • Roles and permissions are documented in detail?
  • Can a response to a violation be adequately addressed?

Modern data protection management needs efficient technical support At our public lunchtime events on November 7, 2017 and March 13, 2018 in Zurich and Winterthur, we provided information about data privacy and IT security. Our Identity and Access Management solution waave supports IT-compliant IT operations by securely managing identities, user accounts, access permissions, etc.

As an identity and access management specialist, we would be pleased to advise you together with data protection specialists - we look forward to hearing from you.