Offboarding: departure of employees

Departues of employees occur in every company. These exit processes are often laborious and, if not properly performed, involve risks, e.g. Access rights that are not deleted correctly. waave facilitates a smooth exit process and increases security in the company. The first and the last impression count.

Reliable exit processes of an employee for a positive last impression.

Example of the departure of an employee

When the employment relationship ends, it is crucial for the company to make a professional impression during the exit phase. waave ensures that all necessary work steps of the exit process are done reliably and that safety is guaranteed.

The automated processes of an exit process can be designed individually. Here is an example of such a process:

waave deactivates all access rights

If an employee leaves, it must be ensured that all his access rights are deactivated. With the support of waave you have the guarantee that all rights are disabled and the employee no longer has access to company-relevant data.

wave creates To Do list in ticketing system

When an employee leaves, there are many tasks to be done, e.g. Remove employees from the website, return keys, create a work certificate, etc. waave creates the necessary tickets in a ticketing system, such as ServiceNow, Redmine, JIRA etc., so that these tasks can be performed reliably.

waave creates appointment for exit interview

Waave automatically creates a calendar entry for the supervisor for the upcoming exit interview.