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Our expertise in Identity and Access Management sets us apart. With waave we have developed an Identity and Access Management solution, which takes over time-consuming routine tasks for you, leaving you more time for the essential tasks. We are happy to configure the solution according to your individual needs. Thanks to additional individual solutions for Active Directory, Office 365 and permissions management, we are able to make our customers' business processes safer and more reliable.

More time for the essentials – waave coordinates the processes for you.

Identity and Access Management Solution waave

Especially in medium and large companies the manual allocation of rights of use and access rights is very time consuming. When changing personnel, the IT department must provide employees with all necessary accounts such as an Active Directory or Email account or set these accounts inactive again. With our Identity and Access Management solution waave, workflows can be considerably simplified and accelerated by a central administration interface.

Identity and Access Management with waave

Onboarding: Smooth entry of new employees

When a new employee joins, there are various tasks to be done. waave automatically creates the necessary accounts and their access rights (eg email, Active Directory etc.) based on roles. Waave can automatically create tickets in the ticketing system or send emails for further tasks to be completed during the entry process, such as ordering a laptop or a badge. waave keeps track of the current status of the tasks that are in progress.

Employee entry process with waave

Offboarding: Professional employee exit management

When an employee leaves the company, it is very important that all necessary work is done reliably, e.g. that all necessary accesses are deactivated again and the work equipment is returned. waave ensures that all necessary steps in the off-boarding process are done reliably.

Employee exit process with waave

Ready for the new data protection laws

The new data protection laws the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and the Swiss Data Protection Act (DSG) will come into force in 2018. IT projects as well as operating procedures that deal with the processing of customer and employee data must be planned, implemented and operated in compliance with data protection requirements. With waave, a large number of identities, user accounts and access permissions can be managed securely, efficiently and in compliance with data protection.

Meet the requirements of the new privacy laws with waave

Projects for IAM, Office 365, Active Directory, etc.

We develop software for you in the area of Identity and Access Management, Azure, Office 365, Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, BlackBerry etc. This can be, for example, software that supports the upgrade to a new product or consolidates objects. We are also happy to adapt your existing Identity and Access Management solution to your individual needs. By optimizing and automating your business processes, we make a significant contribution to your success.