Christmas vacations: Did your IT processes work as they should?

From Corina Köchli on 05. January 2021

Christmas vacations: Did your IT processes work as they should?

During their employees' vacations, companies are always faced with challenges - because with the employees, important know-how is often also on vacation. Especially when managing user accounts or access rights, this can lead to incorrect data and thus obstruct workflow.

Vacation absences present companies with various challenges and employees with an increased workload. These increase even more when many employees are on vacation at the same time, such as during the Christmas vacations. One of these challenges is the dependence on employees with certain expertise. Frequently, that only a few employees know how certain processes work. If these employees are absent, work is delayed and cannot be completed.

Another challenge is the handover of work before and after the vacations. This is time-consuming and not always easy. Especially when the vacations of two employees overlap and the employees can only make the handover in writing. In any case, the information must be complete and understandable. If this is not the case, work will be forgotten, done twice or incorrectly.

In order for employees to work efficiently, they need accounts and permissions on various systems such as Microsoft 365, Teams, Active Directory or a CRM. Often, permissions are not updated before the vacation. The vacation replacement does not have access to the necessary systems and the responsible IT specialist is also absent. Thus, employees cannot be given the access rights they need during this time. This is frustrating: work cannot be completed on time.

Here is an example:

Ms. Smith from Accounts Receivable requires additional access rights to the accounting software in order to create and send the customer invoices. In order for Ms. Smith to obtain these rights, she must be assigned the correct authorizations. Although this sounds simple, the processes are usually complicated. The various rights usually have to be granted individually in more than one system: To do this, the correct information must be entered in the right systems and fields. Only a few employees usually have this specific knowledge of what exactly belongs where. So, if they are on vacation, in our case Ms. Smith does not receive the required rights in time. This is not only annoying, but also poses another problem; she cannot send the invoices on time.

Are you familiar with these challenges? We have the solution for you!

With our Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution waave, such problems are a thing of the past. It standardizes, simplifies and automates the processes for managing your employee data:

  • Less dependency: Thanks to the standardization and simplification of the processes, you reduce the dependencies on individual persons. Your employees can easily start the processes via the waave user interface. The required expertise is in waave.
  • Reduced workload: Standardized and automated processes reduce your workload. This is especially helpful when one employee has to deputize for several colleagues.
  • Transparent and comprehensible: All changes are documented immediately and automatically. Your employees no longer lose time during work handover - all changes can be read directly in the IAM solution.

Do you want the management of employee identities and their rights in your company to run smoothly even during the vacations? Our IAM solution waave offers you all that and more.

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