How to manage usernames easy and centrally

From Corina Köchli on 05. March 2020

Every day, employees use their username to log on to the computer. These usernames must be unique and consistent. If this is not the case, this can result in various difficulties. With our solution waave you can manage usernames easily and centrally.

Usernames are not only required for private purposes, such as registering for an app – they are also needed in the office. For example, to log on to a laptop or a system. How such a username can look like is very different: From mail addresses up to cryptic number combinations, everything is possible. But we recommend usernames that your employees can easily remember. Using Mr. John Smith as an example, this would be SMJO and not X1812.

Despite the many possibilities, duplicate or inconsistent assignment of usernames must not be possible. Especially if usernames are not managed centrally, this leads to difficulties sooner or later. It is especially the case when different departments, independent of each other, define usernames. This is usually done with an Excel list. However, since these lists are managed by different people, they are neither up-to-date nor accessible to everyone. As a consequence, usernames are assigned which are already occupied. This causes problems in the background, because the user names must be unique in the system.

You can easily avoid such problems.

How to easily manage user names

With our Unique Identifier module from waave, usernames can be managed easily, automated and centralized. You define how the usernames should be composed. If you need a new username for one of your employees, waave suggests an available username. You retain control: You can reject the suggestion and choose one yourself – waave will also check this suggestion for availability.

Thanks to waave you can not only create usernames, but also block them. This is especially important when an employee leaves the company. In this case, the username is blocked and cannot be assigned to any other employee – thus avoiding confusion and misunderstandings.

Since a company needs unique identifiers for much more than just the usernames, this module can be used for any type of identifier. For example, you can manage building or server identifications automatically.

Do you also wish a better administration of your user names? Contact us – we will be happy to help you.

PS: We would also be happy to show you what else the module can be used for.

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