Coming soon: Shared Mailbox Modul

From Simone Bösch on 11. January 2022

Shared mailboxes can be a great support in everyday business. However, managing them correctly poses a number of challenges. If companies are not up to the task, shared mailboxes are forgotten and it will lead to outdated and incorrect access rights.

We are currently developing the new Shared Mailbox Module for waave so that you can benefit from the advantages in your company and successfully master challenges. Here you will find initial information about what the module does and how it will support you.

Central management

Shared mailboxes can be created, updated and deleted directly using the waave user interface. So that in the future, you will not need to log into the Microsoft Admin Portal, nor will you need to have additional know-how. The simple predefined user interface of waave favors the standardization of naming conventions, permissions and email addresses.

Centrally and simple grant and revoke of access rights 

You can also grant and revoke access rights to your employees directly via the waave user interface. waave supports you in standardizing and automating the assignment of authorizations.

Central overview

waave offers you a simple and central overview of all created shared mailboxes. The assignment of owners ensures that it is always clear which person or department is responsible for the mailbox. The function to automatically inform the supervisor when a mailbox becomes unowned due to an employee leaving is in planning. Mailboxes are no longer forgotten and all mailboxes can be edited directly from the central overview.

Advantages at a glance

  • Simple and standardized administration of shared mailboxes directly in waave
  • Simplification and standardization of naming conventions, permissions and email addresses
  • Central overview of all created mailboxes
  • Mailboxes are not ownerless and are no longer forgotten
The module is currently in development.  We will inform you, as soon as we have finished it.

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