Name change: Simple and automated

From Simone Bösch on 23. March 2021

The most beautiful day in life is sealed by saying "I do" and wearing the rings. In addition to great joy, however, the wedding also brings with it some changes that create a lot of bureaucracy - also in the employee's company. For example, if an employee's name changes, it must be adjusted in all necessary systems and a new email address has to be created.

Incorrect data with manual administration

The IT department now has to log into all the necessary systems and make the adjustments everywhere manually. In this process, it can happen all too quickly that employees enter the name incorrectly in some systems or even forget to change it altogether.

Automated customization thanks to waave

With our Identity and Access Management solution waave, name changes can be easily carried out centrally and automatically. After your Human Resource (HR) department has changed the name in the HR system, waave automatically makes these adjustments in all necessary target systems such as Microsoft 365, Teams and Active Directory. waave creates a new email address and the old address remains active for a desired period of time. This way, you can be sure that the employee receives all emails and has enough time to inform her contacts about the new email address. In this way, the availability of the employee is ensured. By centrally managing personnel data once, you increase data quality and avoid incorrect entries. With waave, you organize identities as well as access rights to various target systems such as Active Directory, Exchange, Teams and Microsoft 365 easily, centrally and automatically.

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