Home office with Microsoft 365: Secure administration of accounts and authorizations

From Simone Bösch on 03. September 2020

In recent months, many have had to work from home. This prompted employers to enable their employees to work remotely or from home. To enable everyone to work efficiently from home, employees need reliable access to data and tools for team communication, among other things. This enables work to be well coordinated and meetings to be held remotely. Microsoft 365, with its many possibilities for location-independent collaboration, provides the ideal platform for this.

User and license management in Microsoft 365 as a challenge

IT departments are challenged: In times like these, the implementation and expansion of Microsoft 365 has to happen quickly in most companies. This means that employees can work efficiently at home immediately. Managing accounts, licenses and authorizations in Microsoft 365 is one of the biggest challenges for many companies. The result is a confusing mix of active and inactive accounts; a central overview is missing. This leads to poor data quality, security gaps and unnecessary license costs. To avoid this, users and their licenses and authorizations should be managed centrally and automatically.

Clear administration of user accounts and authorizations

Razoon AG has developed the Identity and Access Management solution waave. With waave, Microsoft 365 accounts and their authorizations can be managed centrally and automatically. By connecting waave to the existing HR system, actions such as activating Microsoft 365 accounts, assigning and withdrawing authorizations, but also locking and deleting users can be carried out automatically.

With waave, not only the identities and access rights of Microsoft 365 can be managed. waave can execute extensive tasks on various target systems such as Active Directory, Exchange or Skype for Business in an automated manner.

Advantages of an automated administration

Automation of user accounts and authorizations minimizes the complexity of administration:

  • The administrative effort is reduced to a minimum. Valuable time can thus be saved and data quality is improved.
  • Unnecessary license costs are reduced, since all accounts and access rights are automatically deleted when employees leave the company, and thus their licenses are revoked.
  • Security is improved and unwanted access is avoided by automated assignment of rights or correct deletion of rights that are no longer needed.
  • The complete documentation of all processes and changes to the data supports compliance with data protection laws and regulations.

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