Unauthorized access? Read how to protect your company

By Simone Bösch on 11.05.2021

Information technology is becoming increasingly complex and multi-layered. This presents companies with various challenges - one of which is the protection of corporate data. The increasing digitalization as well as the networking of systems brings great advantages to many companies and saves them valuable time and costs. However, the increasingly complex IT infrastructures as well as the ever stricter data protection laws are challenging today's IT departments.

To ensure security in the company, the correct management of employees' access rights to the various systems is a key issue. For many IT departments, managing user accounts and their access rights is a major challenge. An Identity and Access Management solution simplifies and optimizes the processes for user administration and helps to comply with laws and guidelines on data security (DSGVO, DSG etc.).

Requirements for the correct management of access rights:

  • New employees must be assigned existing access rights on the necessary systems (depending on department, function and location)
  • When an employee changes location, access rights must be updated
  • A promotion or change of department requires an update of rights
  • If an employee leaves the company, access rights on all systems must be revoked in a timely manner

Many companies do not have a centralized system to manage employee access rights. Current access rights are often not documented centrally, which poses risks and can lead to unmanageability.

Access management risks and challenges:

  • Major security gaps arise because outdated and incorrect access rights are still active and former employees have unauthorized access to systems
  • There is a lack of transparency and traceability as to who has access to which system and when, which can lead to problems with regard to data protection guidelines.
  • Unnecessary license costs arise due to licenses that are no longer needed
  • Self-created scripts contain various risks and are therefore not recommended

Secure and correct access rights thanks to waave Identity and Access Management

In order to manage employee accounts and access rights, you enter the data in each case in the already existing HR system. Our Identity and Access Management solution waave then detects that there is new data or existing data has been changed and then synchronizes it in all connected target systems such as Active Directory, Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Teams. This means waave creates, updates or deletes accounts and grants or revokes access rights. Automated and centralized management increases security and prevents unauthorized access.

Transparent and traceable

waave also supports you in complying with the various data protection guidelines: All changes to identities are logged by waave and data management is documented. This means that you can always see who changed which data and when, and who had access to which systems at which time. In this way, you create transparency and traceability.

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