Flexible workflows

Automated processes ensure lean, flexible and efficient processes and offer added value in many areas of a company. Thanks to flexibly definable workflows, provisioning and lifecycle management processes can be automated with waave, thus simplifying complex repetitive processes.

Flexibly definable workflows ensure optimized and efficient process flows


With waave's workflows, provisioning and Lifecycle Management processes can be optimally designed.

Flexible workflows

Provisioning and lifecycle management processes can be flexibly defined. For example, a process for hiring an employee may consist of multiple operations; Create an Active Directory account, assign permissions in the Active Directory, create an Office 365 mailbox, send an email to the supervisor.


All workflows are scheduled. For example, if a new employee is hired, then his user account will be created shortly before his effective entry. These lead times can be flexibly defined. Workflows can also be designed so that a time delay is activated after certain actions, like, for example, to wait for a manual intervention.


If a process can not be executed due to the existing data, then waave waits until the process has been completed until all the necessary data is available correctly. Once this is the case, waave will execute the process without manual intervention. waave is also able to automatically restart an entire process chain if necessary.