waave User Interface

With its web-based interface, waave guarantees intuitive and self-explanatory operability. Employees can manage all necessary data in waave quickly and without special knowledge. All changes are logged in detail and can be evaluated as required.

The waave user interface is easy to use, clear and structured.

Universal Directory – central directory

With Universal Directory, waave enables the central administration of all user accounts and access rights in a clearly arranged web interface. The unique central administration of all data and authorizations increases data quality and avoids incorrect entries.

Role based access control

Authorizations are assigned based on roles. waave supports the dynamic assignment of roles based on attributes such as department, function or location. Manual assignment of roles is also possible.

Up to date data in target systems

With waave, important processes can be automated and scheduled and are thus reliably completed. The individual processes can be individually designed as required. The data of these processes are synchronized in all necessary target systems and are therefore always up to date.


waave logs all automated and manual processes. This makes it possible to track at any time which actions were initiated by which employee. Comprehensive documentation and traceability ensure legally compliant operation.

High flexibility

Identity and Access Management projects create individual requirements. With waave complex individual requirements can be fulfilled and specific adaptations of processes, masks and forms can be implemented.