Example of an employee entry

Onboarding: entry of employees

Thanks to waave, the numerous tasks involved in the entry process of a new employee are reliably distributed and monitored. Thus, on the first day of work, all accounts and access rights to the necessary systems are established and the resources, e.g. Laptop, Badge, etc. are ready for the new employee and he can immediately work effectively. As an employer you can make a professional impression and inspire your future employees from the very beginning.

Introduce new employees to the company quickly and successfully.

Example of an employee entry

An entry of a new employee triggers many tasks that need to be done. With the Identity and Access Management solution waave, many of these activities can be automated and thus reliably handled.

The automated processes of an entry process can be designed individually. Here is an example of such a process:

waave assigns access rights for IT systems

When a new employee joins, waave automatically creates accounts (Active Directory, Office 365 etc.) with the appropriate access rights. The necessary information is managed centrally in the Universal Directory.

waave sends email for badge order

waave automatically sends an email to the external company for ordering the badge. Thus, the new badge is ready and functional when the new employee starts work.

waave creates To Do List in the ticketing system

Waave automatically creates an entry for the responsible persons in the ticketing system (ServiceNow, Redmine, JIRA etc.) to ensure that the tasks to be done are not forgotten.

waave creates a calendar entry

For the day of entry, a calendar entry is generated for the supervisor, so that he has enough time for the new employee and no other appointments can get in the way.

Post in Teams to inform employees

Before the new employee starts, waave automatically generates a post in Microsoft Teams so that all employees are informed about the newjoiner.