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RBAC & Audit

RBAC & Audit

With waave you keep everything under control. Access rights for waave are defined by the extensive RBAC model. The processes can be monitored and are logged in detail so that it is always possible to see who changed what when.

Detailed protocols and statistics ensure stress-free audits, as all the necessary information is provided by the push of a button. Due to the extensive documentation and traceability, a legally compatible operation can be guaranteed.

RBAC and Audit
Specific access rights and traceability

waave RBAC & Audit

The access rights for waave are defined by an RBAC model. All automated and manual processes are logged in detail by waave. This guarantess traceability at any time.

Role-based access control (RBAC)

waave offers a comprehensive RBAC model, which can be used to control access to the waave functions in detail. The authorizations extend to the workflow level so that, for example, you can define which employees are allowed to perform which provisioning processes.

Audit trail

waave logs every action which is performed. This allows you to always understand which actions were triggered by which employee. You can see when an account was created, edited and deleted at the push of a button.


waave logs extensively and in detail all processes which are processed by the various components. This allows information about the project progress as well as about updated objects to be queried. The various log information can be accessed via the web interface.

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