waave IAM

Our Identity and Access Management solution waave automatically performs a comprehensive range of provisioning and lifecycle operations in target systems such as Office 365, Exchange or Active Directory, reducing administrative time to a minimum. This saves valuable time and money, as well as improving data quality.

Data for the new employee is registered by HR
waave processes the data
Account is created in Active Directory
Mailbox is created in Office 365
Account is created in ERP system

Target systems


waave offers the following features

Support for a range of target systems

  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Additional systems can be added any time

Flexible process definition

  • Provisioning processes can be customized, e.g. creation of AD object, followed by allocation of authorizations, followed by creation of Office 365 mailbox
  • All tasks can be carried out in a time controlled fashion
  • Flexible attribute mapping allows for client-specific adjustments with minimal effort

Automated or manual task creation

  • Data source monitoring, automated creation of tasks based on changes (e.g. an employee joining or leaving the organization )
  • Manual creation of tasks via web UI
  • Supports a broad range of data sources (SQL databases, file-based data such as CSV, XML or JSON)
  • REST web services

Web interface

  • Task management
  • Detailed access control using RBAC model
  • List of objects in source and target systems

Reporting and statistics

  • Reports and statistics for source and target systems can be customized for specific requirements


  • All processes are logged
  • Logging data can be searched and filtered using the Web UI

Cloud Solution

Microsoft Azure
waave is optimized to operate on Microsoft Azure. This allows the application to be integrated into existing business processes with minimal effort. The usage of PAAS components removes the need for servers and maintenance (Updates, patches etc.).
On Premise
waave can also be installed on premise if required. The necessary components will be installed on a Windows server.

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