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Automated Provisioning

waave creates User Accounts based on data of a source system. This source system can be, for example, the HR application. waave automatically
detects changes and creates the accounts without manual interventions. Application permissions are assigned automatically based on Business Rules.

Information about the new employee is recorded by HR.
waave processes the information.
Account is created in the Active Directory.
Office 365 mailbox is created.
Account is created in ERP system.

User account and authorizations available within a very short time

User accounts and access rights are immediately blocked


User accounts are automatically deactivated or deleted by waave, if the corresponding information in the
source system has changed according to the predefined rules. To achieve this waave monitors the information in the source system. The attributes which are set when deactivating an account can be flexibly defined.

HR defines a leaving date for the employee.
waave processes the information.
Account in Active Directory
is deactivated or deleted.
Office 365 mailbox
is deactivated or deleted.
Account in ERP system
is deactivated or deleted.
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