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Using the PowerShell Connector from waave, PowerShell scripts can be executed on any Windows server.
waave collects the information collected via the web interface or an automated process and then starts the PowerShell script. The collected information is passed to the script as arguments.

Run PowerShell with waave
Flexible adaptation of processes by the IT department


PowerShell scripts provide a convenient way to automate various routine processes. These scripts can be executed with waave on any Windows server.

Run PowerShell scripts

The internal IT department can develop PowerShell scripts, which can be started by waave. Within waave, a process is defined which starts the corresponding script. Required arguments for the PowerShell script are collected via the waave web interface or an automated process and passed to the script by waave.

Return values ​​and error handling

The return values ​​of the PowerShell script are passed to waave. Thus, waave can display information about the process progress as well as any error messages of the script in the web interface. By using specific return values the script can also force a restart or abort the waave process.

Overview and control

A great advantage of running PowerShell scripts using waave is the increase in overview and control. It is always possible to understand which scripts are in use and which person has executed which script at which point in time. It is also possible to control which employees are permitted to execute which script.

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