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Microsoft Exchange

waave can execute extensive operations on Microsoft Exchange mailboxes. Thanks to the high degree of automation, provisioning and lifecycle management processes can be implemented optimally. The web interface of waave can be used to query information about mailboxes. Specific requirements can be implemented efficiently thanks to the architecture of waave.

Easy and secure management of Exchange mailboxes

Microsoft Exchange

Exchange mailboxes can be managed simply and uncomplicated with waave which guarantees an improvement of the data quality. waave creates, deletes, or updates Exchange mailboxes automatically based on business rules and the data from the source system.

Create, update and delete Exchange mailboxes

waave can create, update or delete Exchange mailboxes. Any attributes can be defined and updated. The attribute mapping can be customized.

Assignment of authorizations

Mailbox permissions can be defined and assigned via waave. A role-based model allows the automatic allocation of rights. Individual assignments of authorizations are also possible.

Web interface for Exchange mailbox information

waave provides a web interface that can be used to query information about Exchange mailboxes. This allows Employees without rights for Microsoft Exchange to access mailbox information. This is, however, only the case if they have the appropriate waave rights.

Reportings and Statistics

Information about Exchange mailboxes can be evaluated using reports and statistics. These evaluations can be customized.

Specific access thanks to RBAC model

IT employees can run the predefined processes via waave. With the RBAC model from waave the access can be controlled in detail. This type of access also has the advantage that employees no longer need direct access to Microsoft Exchange. The employees can perform the necessary actions and queries directly via waave.

REST API for Microsoft Exchange queries

waave is based on a microservice / service-oriented architecture. The services are implemented as RESTful Web Services. This allows external applications to use the waave Exchange service to perform queries against Microsoft Exchange.

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