Access control

waave quickly and securely gives users access to and access to a wide variety of applications and systems and can remove them again in a timely manner. Thus, when an employee leaves, all rights are automatically revoked. It can also be understood at any time, which person has which rights at any time.

Automatic allocation of access rights thanks to predefined roles.

Access authorization with RBAC

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is used for central rights management in a company. Authorizations are assigned based on roles. waave supports the dynamic allocation of roles based on attributes such as Department, function or location. Manual allocation of roles is also possible.


With good role modeling, automated central access control can be achieved. If an employee leaves, retires, moves to a department or changes position, authorizations are automatically changed or removed.

Privacy Compliant

You always have an overview of which person owns which rights. All procedures are documented, which helps to comply with data protection laws.

waave access model

waave offers a comprehensive RBAC model, with which the access to the waave functions can be controlled in detail. The authorizations extend down to the workflow level so that, for example, it can be defined which employee is allowed to execute which provisioning processes.