waave simply explained...

waave enables centralized and automated management of employee data and access rights. Information about employees is managed centrally in the Universal Directory of waave. The goal is to provide the right people with the right resources at the right time - and everything automated.

Advantages of waave compared to manual administration

Initial position

Management of employee data and access rights

In order for an employee to be able to do his daily work on a computer, he needs appropriate access rights. These rights must be captured in different systems. For example, the employee needs an account in Microsoft Active Directory to access data or an account in the ERP system to capture delivery notes.

Possible examples of mutations

Admission of new employees

If an employee joins, his or her account and access rights must be recorded in all necessary systems.

Change employee data

If employee data changes, it must be updated in all systems (e.g., name change, new phone number, etc.)..

Employee leaves

If an employee leaves, it must be ensured that all of his or her accesses are deactivated or deleted.


Manual administration is time consuming and error prone

The manual administration of employee data and the access rights of employees causes a considerable effort. Because many companies use more and more systems, including cloud solutions, the effort continues to increase.

Correct assignment of rights

In terms of safety, there is a risk that employees will not be deprived of their rights when they no longer need them or when they leave the company. A quick adjustment of the rights is crucial for the security in the company.

Compliance with data quality

Manual management may mean that the data is not consistently captured in all systems. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that all data will be recorded in the same format, for example, that the country code is given for each telephone number.


The manual recording of the data in the respective systems does not make it possible to understand why and at what time an employee has been granted a corresponding authorization. It is also not clear which administrator has granted the authorization for what reason.


Automatic administration with waave IAM

waave centralizes and automates the management of employee data and access rights. There is the possibility of a connection to the human resource management system with automatic data transfer. When entering, changing and deleting the data, these are automatically updated in all systems. All these processes are time-controlled and recorded in detail. waave was developed by Razoon based on years of experience. waave is based on state-of-the-art technology and is implemented within a very short time.

Advantages of waave

Reduce effort

Shorter lead time

Increase security

Better data quality