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Increasingly complex IT infrastructure, constant personnel changes and strict security standards are placing ever tougher demands on today’s IT departments. Razoon AG’s Identity and Access Management solution waave is a crucial part of meeting these demands.

By automating standardized processes, security, quality, transparency and efficiency are guaranteed. Thanks to Identity and Access management (IAM), the right person will have access to the right resources at the right time - in a fully automated fashion.

waave guarantees

Improved data quality

By managing all data and authorizations centrally, data quality is improved and incorrect entries are avoided.

Legal compliance

You can guarantee that your organization is legally compliant through comprehensive documentation and transparency.

Benefits IAM with waave

Reduces dependence on IT specialists
Automated processes and a transparent user interface enables changes to be carried out easily and without specialist knowledge – which helps ease the workload for the IT department.

Central management
All data and authorizations are managed once and centrally.
Automation through predefined processes
Identity management (IDM) ensures safety, quality, transparency and efficiency.

Avoids sources of error
By managing all data and authorizations centrally, data quality is improved and incorrect entries are avoided.


New employees
When a new employee starts, the necessary accounts are created on all systems and authorizations are allocated according to the RBAC model.

  • Create accounts and allocate access rights

Name changes (e.g. after marriage)
Name changes can be entered into the HR system and all necessary adjustments will be made in a fully automated fashion. The old email address is kept active for a specified period of time so that messages can be received on both addresses.

  • Change names and email addresses

Promotions/Job changes
Following internal job changes, the necessary adjustments to authorizations will be made automatically based on business rules.

  • Allocate authorizations

Employee departures
When an employee leaves the company, all their accounts are automatically deactivated and/or removed. Security risks, such as unauthorized access by mobile devices, are prevented.

  • Deactivate accounts

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